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ACT Movie Night Friday, April 19 7 PM

April 19 at 7 pm join us at the ACT Campus House for Movie Night! 

We will watch the movie together (movie snacks provided) and after the movie, we will ask a variety of questions about the film we have seen.

Popcorn, movie snacks and beverages will be provided along with several rooms to view the movie. We know that some enjoy commenting during the film while others prefer to intently watch every second. We have a room for you!

Enjoy a great movie with our ACT family presented inside our well-appointed ACT UToledo Estate. With an assortment of delicious movie house refreshments and snacks, these are nights you won't want to miss!

We hold our movie nights at the campus house. 

ACT UT purchases a license and/or obtained permission to show our movies. We follow the law. Food, fun and films monthly at ACT UT!

Koinonia Night Friday, April 26 at the Weaver Ranch

Join us on Friday night, April 26 at the Weaver Ranch for a catered dinner while we share the moments God blessed, taught or revealed something through ACT or in your life this year. 

The word Koinonia is a Greek word and it means "fellowship, sharing in common and communion." We will have "communion" by sharing food enjoy sharing together, laughing and celebrating as we close out another school year with ACT UT! 

Our leadership team is preparing for this big night out at the Weaver Ranch. This is our night to share about our year, our growth in God and our blessings.  

If you are an ACT graduate (winter graduation or otherwise) and will be joining us - we need to know! Please message us!

Our Students Discuss Active Christians Today

Wondering what ACT is all about? Listen as our students share about Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo. Our students share a little bit about what ACT means to them:

ACT UT 2022 Fall Retreat

Our ACT UT 2022 Fall Retreat was held October 21-23, 2022.

We want to thank Delta Church of Christ for hosting us for the weekend. It was a weekend filled with activities with our theme: FEARLESS.

We learned what it meant to be fearless as we studied accounts in the life of Daniel. We discovered and discussed how the world wants to keep us quiet by "naming" us and "shaming" us and our faith. We saw how fear appears in our lives, and how God wants us to react to it. We encouraged one another this weekend to boldly step out in our faith.


In addition to our discipleship opportunities, our students also participated in service projects. ACT UToledo helped with a funeral luncheon followed by leading in games for the Delta Church of Christ Fall Kids Festival.

The weekend also included a hike on the Stewardship Trail in the Maumee State Forest plus a lot of fun and games. 

We have reason to be FEARLESS. We all want to be able to live our lives with confidence, knowing that whatever steps we take, our Lord and Savior will be right there with us. It was exciting to experience these things together and help each other become FEARLESS!

Where is the ACT House at UToledo?

The trail to the ACT House (2018 Bretton Place Toledo OH 43606) is located immediately across the street from the University of Toledo Parking Area 13 (across from Bowman Oddy).

Note that the sign says "Follow the Path" so, follow!

Begin walking, passing Memorial Field House, then continue straight through Parking Lot 13 passing Bowman Oddy (to the south of you). At the corner of Bowman Oddy and the parking lot, you will see the path to the ACT HOUSE. Cross West Rocket Drive (look both ways!) and our sign is straight ahead of you. Follow the well-marked path. The signs will lead you directly to the backyard of the ACT HOUSE. 

Additional signs will guide you to the entrance of the ACT House!

Want to know more about ACT? Ask our Students!

Active Christians Today (ACT) is a community whose foundation is Christ. Our purpose is to help people establish and develop a relationship with Christ and become productive leaders in God's family. How do we do that? Our students share a little bit about what ACT means to them:

2021 ACT Fall Retreat Worship and Celebration!

Active Christians Today UToledo and Bowling Green State University joined together for a wonderful weekend retreat hosted by Delta Church of Christ. We closed out the weekend together with Delta's congregation and celebrated new life in Christ with three baptisms as our students led worship in song, testimonies and Word. What a close to the weekend!

Dave Warner Goes Home to be with the Lord

Remembering Dave Warner

My heart is heavy with the passing of my friend Dave Warner. I had the joy and honor of serving with him for the first year on staff with Active Christians Today. From our first church visit together (pictured here), ACT Fall Retreat, Christmas parties, Winter Retreat to the Chivalry Dinner and everything in between, I had the opportunity to marvel at this man who was truly a servant leader.

His joy and passion consumed him and I saw his love of student ministry expressed in everything he did. 
I suppose my greatest joy was spending a week on the mission field with him along with a group of wonderful students. I got to see him in action as he shared the gospel, sat with children and... sat with me by the fire in the evening talking theology and the future of Active Christians Today. We laughed at the foibles of ministry, the joys and the sorrows. It was a time I will treasure forever.

What I didn’t know until later was truly how much he loved to serve and how much potential he saw in campus ministry. While working at the ACT University of Toledo campus house I found a letter he wrote that expressed this in no uncertain terms. In it he said, “I believe with all of my heart that campus ministry plays a very significant role in the future of the church. Our future business leaders, educators, government leaders and politicians, media types, mothers and fathers, and future church leaders will come out of our universities. The potential of sending international students back into the cultures of countries closed to Christianity as missionaries is enormous.” It is obvious how much he valued the ministry that together with our students still reaches the world every day.

I admit I am greatly saddened to see him leave the earthly realm. However, my faith tells me I will get to strike up a conversation with him again. That brings me great joy. 

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Well done. Love ya, Dave!

Scott Weaver
Campus Pastor, ACT UToledo