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Jesus in the Real World Fridays 6:30 PM

Friday nights we welcome you to join our Small Group study "Jesus in the Real World."  

We meet Fridays at 6:30 PM at the Active Christians Today UT Campus House (2018 Bretton Place Toledo 43606). Each week our group takes a case study and looks at it from a Christian perspective. How does faith play into real world situations? That's the question we attempt to answer each week.

At the core, our goal is to create an opportunity for our students to get connected, study God’s Word, and encourage each other in their walk with Christ.

With "Jesus in the Real World," our case studies take a tough situation and ask us to consider how our faith and Scripture applies. It allows us to use practical examples to build and grow our faith.

If you are interested in taking on one of our case studies, just show up! We would love to meet you and would love to hear your contribution to our weekly discussions.

Whether you're looking to meet others in your own life stage or find someone to be an accountability partner, this is the place to be!

Possible topics include:

What if you received praise for something you felt was a failure? How do you respond?

Your Muslim friend wants to know if they will meet you in heaven.

Is it okay for a church to violate government policy or laws in order to worship together? When is it not?

A singer at your church simply isn't very good. How should the situation be handled?

When is a hug... no longer a hug?

An immigrant family finds shelter in a church. The police ask you to let them in to arrest and deport them. Would you? Should you?

Is it ever okay to follow the spirit of the law over the letter of the law? Why or why not?

Thanksgiving Dinner November 12 at 6 PM

Thanksgiving comes to Active Christians Today on Friday, November 12. We meet at 6 PM for a FULL Thanksgiving Dinner at the ACT UT Campus House (2018 Bretton Place Toledo 43606). 

Our menu includes turkey, traditional bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and apple pie.

We will sing Thanksgiving Carols around our faux fire, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, share our blessings and spend time in prayer and thanksgiving.

In addition, we will also add to our handprint wall in the basement. If you haven't added a hand print before, now is your chance!

Following our Thanksgiving celebration we will immediately move to Christmas! We'll set up our Christmas trees and decorate the campus house for the holiday season.

Plan now to be a part as we get set to celebrate the holiday season in style!

Weaver's Barn Jam Friday November 6, 2021

Join us on November 6, 2021 for the 21st Annual Barn Jam! The Weaver Family opens their property to this annual celebration filled with fun! 

Barn Jam is our family friendly gathering which has been described as a "wedding reception without the wedding and the fancy clothes." It is a potluck so bring a dish to share! It includes so much more including a campfire, indoor snow storm, dancing, giant chess, ping pong, hayrides and so much more. 

You might want to also bring a blanket for the hayrides!

Come and join us for a great time of fun and fellowship! Again, it's a potluck - so bring a dish to share! 

The barn and the tent are heated - we are on whether it is rain, snow or moonlight!

Barn Jam is always a lot of fun and we would love to have you join us this year!  Don't miss out on the fun and we'll see you in November!

ACT UT Fall Retreat October 22-24, 2021

Our ACT Fall Retreat will be held at Delta Church of Christ in Delta, Ohio. We begin Friday at 6:30 through Sunday morning worship at Delta.

What is it all about?

Jesus calls us to REST!

On our RE:TREAT, we will focus on what it means to RE:ST. RE:ST restores and balances us.  It brings us back to the center and helps us RE:SET our lives on what’s most important – our faith in God, caring for each other, and fostering relationships with those God has entrusted to us. Once we are able to do that, we are able to RE:NEW our lives with a new focus!

This weekend we will look to God's Word to help us see how we can discover God's call for us to rest in our own lives. We will pray, worship and seek God's guidance and discernment - and have a lot of fun, too!

There is NO cost for our retreat. Come for everything or just come for a part of the weekend... we would love to have you join us!

Sunday morning we will lead in worship at Delta including testimonies, music and more.

Read more: ACT UT Fall Retreat October 22-24, 2021

Harvest Party October 29, 2021

Join us for our Harvest Party at the Weaver Ranch at 7:30 right after Jesus in the Real World! This is going to be a fun celebration of God’s Harvest.

For those who do not have a ride, transportation will be available from the ACT UT House (2018 Bretton Place Toledo OH 43606).

We will have pumpkin carving, you can make your own apple cider and more.

Costumes are encouraged (though not required). Those who do wear costumes will be entered into our costume contest. We'll vote on the most creative, least recognizable, best five minute throw together and the one requiring the most explanation.

We'll have the fire going out front (weather permitting) - perfect for s'mores and hot dogs along with great music inside. So, come join us for our pumpkin palooza and celebrate the harvest with us!

Bible Study "Ezra/Nehemiah" Wednesdays at 7 PM

Join us every Wednesday evening at 5:30 for our FREE dinner followed by Bible Study at 7 PM. Our Fall Semester Bible Study will take us to the Old Testament books of Ezra and Nehemiah. RE:build. RE:new. RE:store. It's all about the "RE's"!

The one theme that clearly emerges from the study of these books is that GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES! We will see that God often uses people and events that no one would expect. Sometimes, the person that God uses may not even realize they are a part of God's plan. Could that be us? Could God use us this way? 

When we are open to hearing God and seeing Him at work, we can thrive in Him! RE:build. RE:new. RE:store.

Our weekly studies are designed to engage and inspire conversation. Each focuses on the big issues around faith and to unpack what it means to grow as a Believer and learn the basics of Christianity through ALL of God's Word. 

The most important part of the evening is our discussion. This is your chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic. There's never an obligation to say anything. And there's nothing you can't say! It's an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.

During the year we do topical studies along with in-depth study of Scripture. In every case, we dive into God's Word to discover truths applicable to our world. Our studies have three things in common: food, a talk and good conversation.

Dave Warner Goes Home to be with the Lord

Remembering Dave Warner

My heart is heavy with the passing of my friend Dave Warner. I had the joy and honor of serving with him for the first year on staff with Active Christians Today. From our first church visit together (pictured here), ACT Fall Retreat, Christmas parties, Winter Retreat to the Chivalry Dinner and everything in between, I had the opportunity to marvel at this man who was truly a servant leader.

His joy and passion consumed him and I saw his love of student ministry expressed in everything he did. 
I suppose my greatest joy was spending a week on the mission field with him along with a group of wonderful students. I got to see him in action as he shared the gospel, sat with children and... sat with me by the fire in the evening talking theology and the future of Active Christians Today. We laughed at the foibles of ministry, the joys and the sorrows. It was a time I will treasure forever.

What I didn’t know until later was truly how much he loved to serve and how much potential he saw in campus ministry. While working at the ACT University of Toledo campus house I found a letter he wrote that expressed this in no uncertain terms. In it he said, “I believe with all of my heart that campus ministry plays a very significant role in the future of the church. Our future business leaders, educators, government leaders and politicians, media types, mothers and fathers, and future church leaders will come out of our universities. The potential of sending international students back into the cultures of countries closed to Christianity as missionaries is enormous.” It is obvious how much he valued the ministry that together with our students still reaches the world every day.

I admit I am greatly saddened to see him leave the earthly realm. However, my faith tells me I will get to strike up a conversation with him again. That brings me great joy. 

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Well done. Love ya, Dave!

Scott Weaver
Campus Pastor, ACT UToledo


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