Praises at ACT UT

As the semester comes to a close, we thank God for all He has done through Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo this school year and the support we enjoy from churches and individuals across the state.

It is with joy that we welcome another guitar player and singer to our student praise team! We are especially excited as this year we have welcomed two freshman to our team which means we get to enjoy their God-given talents in the years to come.

We praise God for our students who traveled the world in mission and educational experiences during Spring Break. We have loved hearing the stories of God working in the lives of those who served and those they served while traveling both overseas and here in the States.

We praise God for the “Green Pancake Giveaway” on Saint Patrick’s Day. Serving God while serving others!

We thank God for our ACT men who meet Mondays to study God’s Word together. Our ACT Women meet on Thursday nights.

We praise God for our students who participated in the annual University of Toledo “Big Event” which reaches out to neighborhoods around the campus in service.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for students looking for job placement opportunities, internships and mission experiences over the summer.

Pray for our students who are choosing to actively participate in our “The Case for Christ” series in the month of April learning how to respond when skeptics question our faith.

Pray for those completing our “Essential 100" daily Bible reading challenge. It is exciting to see what happens when students commit to reading the Bible every day.

Pray for our students as they enter the final weeks of the semester. Exams, job commitments and finding time for God in the midst of busy schedules is always a challenge.

Thank you to our ACT alumni, churches and supporters who allow us to reach the mission field known as the campus of the University of Toledo. You make what we do possible!