Praises at ACT UT

As always, we thank God for the decades of work Active Christians Today has completed in campus ministry. Every day we meet people who have been touched by the ministry of ACT in one way or another. The continuing ministry is constructed on a foundation built by so many and we are blessed to be a part.

And the ministry continues... we praise God for a big group who joined us at the ACT UT House for our Welcome Picnic. Originally scheduled to be held on campus, a rain storm forced us to move back to the campus house which was a blessing in disguise. Our current ACT students were able to spend more personal time communicating the mission and vision of ACT in a comfortable environment.

A huge praise for our Rocket Launch volunteers who spent the summer spreading the word about ACT through the mandatory orientation program for new students. More than 60 students expressed interest in ACT. Our Student Leadership Team did all the work. They staffed our table, they personally contacted each and every student and then walked many of them to the ACT House for our Welcome Picnic when we had to change location.

We praise God for our first worship service which was literally overflowing with students. On a night when we didn’t even have all of our regulars back, we realized we quickly must come up with a new set up for worship location! Praise God!

We praise God for a campus movement gathering students from more than a dozen Christian student campus ministries for a one night prayer event in September called “Toledo Campus Prays.”

As always, a huge praise to our ACT Board and supporters who help make all of this possible. It has been an awesome time and we have been excited to welcome board members to many of our events this summer and already to our weekend events at the ACT House!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

We pray for ACT’s continuous growth and ministry to so many new students. We recognize that it is only by God’s grace that the amazing things we have already seen are possible.

We pray for a very practical need: our basement at the ACT UT House is in the process of being converted to our worship center. We need to complete this quickly as we have already outgrown our regular worship room upstairs. Walls have been torn down, old flooring removed, furniture given away, trash removed and we are now in the final stages of making it “worship ready.” We have already created a “war room” under the stairs specifically devoted to prayer. Pray that this all can be completed in a short time so that we are the best stewards we can be of all God has given us!

Please pray for our Fall Retreat this September as we gather ACT UT and BG students together for a weekend of bonding in the Word, bonding with each other and bonding with God!

Our Student Prayer Team is preparing a variety of events focused on prayer this year. Our Prayer Walk will return and the “war room” was created with the specific intent of involving more students in a deeper prayer life.

Pray for our Fall Semester schedule. Our Student Outreach Team has created a lot of fun events designed to build bridges and develop relationships with new students. These are great evangelistic opportunities and we can’t wait to see what God will do!

We covet your prayers!