Praises at ACT UT

We praise God that we have seen new faces every week and welcomed back a lot of students we have been missing for a while!

Praise God for a fantastic Football Sunday party with ACT BG! We had a great turn out for the Super Bowl where our students were able to hear the message of Christ presented through the testimonies of players playing in the game that night.

God blessed us with a wonderful Winter Retreat at Lake James Christian Camp in Indiana. The keynote speaker was inspiring, the workshops were amazing and the chance to fellowship with students from Ohio University, Ohio State and Bowling Green State University was tremendous!

We praise God that the weather has been beautiful and our events have been well-attended. This is not the winter we were expecting but we are very happy that no events have had to be delayed or postponed due to weather this semester.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for many of our students who will be journeying overseas to do service and mission work over Spring Break. We are excited to hear of the challenges they face along with the victories in Christ they find along the way.

Many of our students will participate in the University of Toledo “Big Event” annual service project. This is an opportunity for ACT UT students to join so many others in giving back to the community.

Pray for those who have accepted the challenge to read the Bible daily. We are blessed with so many tools to accomplish daily reading but it isn’t always easy. Pray that the habit sticks even after the initial challenge is over!

Pray for so many of our students who struggle with time management. The habits of today build the habits of tomorrow! Pray that students are able to overcome these challenges and find time not only to accomplish what needs to be done in their student life, but also time to continue to build a strong relationship with God.

We have so many ACT alumni and supporters who support the mission of ACT through their time, prayers and financial gifts. Thank you so much for what you do!