The conclusion of the semester is approaching quickly! As we close out this school year, we are focusing on apologetics with a special series tied to the new movie (and classic book) “The Case for Christ.” It is a perfect way to send our students out into their own “mission fields” this spring and summer.

There have been many changes to the ACT UT Campus house over the last few months. We now worship in the basement that is still under major remodeling. We have incorporated a permanent worship area, an ACT Hand Print wall, food service area, chalk board wall and more. We want the campus house to be as welcoming as possible.

Our Student Leadership Team continues to create various events for our students. This month included our monthly Family Film Festival and a special “Artsy Fartsy Funny Friday” where our students did crafts and updated some of the painting work in the basement.

We had the joyful opportunity to join the ACT BG group for a Saint Patrick’s Day night “Green Pancake Giveaway.” With thousands of students passing by the ACT BG campus house most Fridays and Saturdays, this was a great time of serving students while having fun!

We welcomed the ACT BG students again for an afternoon of fun that began at the Toledo Museum of Art. We shared dinner together back at the ACT UT campus house and closed out the night with worship together.

Our Wednesday night Bible Study continues our travels though the Gospel of Mark. As we close out our study, we will specifically look at the Passion narrative as presented in Mark.

Worship on Sundays have shared the theme “Overcomer.” We began with the “Ultimate Overcomer” in Jesus and continued with subjects including overcoming the valleys, overcoming temptation and overcoming doubt.

The month of April will include a special Scavenger Hunt put on by the ACT women for our ACT men as a result of the Haiti Coin War fundraising challenge. Our men won the challenge and therefore, the women are creating the hunt!

ACT UT will remember Good Friday with a showing of the movie “Passion of the Christ” followed by an overnighter and Silent Saturday Breakfast.

A huge thank you to all of those who support ACT UT through your gifts, your prayers, volunteering and support. Your thoughtful notes are always welcome and appreciated. The students we reach today are going to change the world tomorrow!