For many involved in campus life, summer is a time for reflection, vacation, quiet and a time relatively free of school-related activities. However, summer is not a quiet time for Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo! Though we do reflect, it is also a time to ask for God’s revelation to us. We ask God to reveal where He wishes us to go. We ask God for discernment and direction. We bathe all of our ideas in prayer... and then we work in Him to bring His plans to fruition.

Already our leaders are working on ideas for the opening week of the Fall Semester. This year will be different because the campus is moving from at 16 week schedule to a 15 week semester. This will compact the amount of time we have to work meaning everything must happen at a more rapid pace. So, there is much that has to be done to prepare!

In the meantime, ministry continues even though it isn’t in the campus environment.

June featured a mission trip to West Virginia for “Brothers’ Keeper.” This is an annual work trip. More than one hundred students and leaders gather in Jackson County based at Parchment Valley Conference Center in Ripley. The group fans out across the area to do work for financially or physically disadvantaged families. The work includes light construction, yard work, tarring roofs, building wheelchair ramps, siding, porches and whatever jobs we can do to help homeowners in need throughout Jackson County.

Friday nights are loud, boisterous and full of joy. “In the Woods with Jesus” takes place each Friday night at the Weaver Ranch. Lots of students join us for volleyball, Foosball, singing praise songs around the campfire and devotionals. Our Friday’s are open to all and a great chance to meet our students and leaders. 

If you are curious about Active Christians Today at UT or Bowling Green State University, why don’t you use the “contact us” button to reach out! We would love to hear from you! We have a great group of students who simply love Jesus and want to share that love in a genuine believing community!

As always, ACT couldn’t happen without the love and support of so many. Our ministry is an extension of our supporters. You provide the prayer and financial means and we provide the hands and feet to make it happen. As always, thank you.