The new semester has kicked off with a full house of students ready to grow, study and celebrate together in community life. 

Our Wednesday night Bible Study is diving in to the book of James for the next few months. This is a truly in-depth study. In our first three weeks we have only covered the first chapter! The words of James really show us what it means to actively live out a life committed to God. There is a big difference between just talking and actually walking!

Sunday night is truly a wonderful time to worship together. The ACT UT living room is filled with students praising God. We gather at the Lord’s Table at least once a month. In the midst of praising God, we have also learned what it means to play “Hide N Seek” with God (even though God isn’t playing with us). 

We again worshiped with That Neighborhood Church. We continue to lead worship on a monthly basis and provide “live music” for the Saturday night worship times in downtown Toledo.

Our weekly social events will include our family film night featuring family movies from independent Christian film makers. We have viewed the movie “War Room” and in February “Woodlawn” is on the schedule. 

Upcoming events include presenting a dinner theater production titled “Lost in Serenity” to raise money for our summer mission work. Casting and rehearsals begin in the coming weeks!

We thank God everyday for the blessing of working in the campus community. We have seen God move already and can’t wait to see where He takes us next!