We covet your prayers as we work in the midst of students who face so many challenges beyond schoolwork. We are constantly working to disciple students to build up the armor of God as they face spiritual battles on all sides.

We discovered through “God moments” when we had to hold worship at the Campus House that we actually enjoy the intimate and quieter worship style. A feeling of family is evident every time we hold worship at the Campus House. A decision has been made to move our worship to the Campus House for the foreseeable future. Our worship messages have focused on being joyful while developing a global Christian view in the midst of a dark world. 

Our Wednesday night family dinners are a tremendously enjoyable time to truly fellowship together. Christian music videos are played during the hour and a half of fun as we work to maintain a community social life. 

Our First Friday Family Film Fest continued with the movie “Gallows Road.” Some discussion that evening led us to make a decision to have a “social” event each weekend of one kind or another. These will also be mission and ministry-related depending on the weekend and event. We believe this will continue to grow relationships as we live out the call of Christ in our lives.

Our Wednesday night Bible Study Small group is in the midst of a six part series titled “Do Over” with a deeper study of Paul’s letter to the Romans. Our goals as always is developing a deeper understanding of Scripture while building disciples and taking what we learn and apply it in a practical way to the world around us.

ACT UT marched in the Rocket’s Homecoming Parade on October 10. We continue to find opportunities for evangelism and to make an impact on campus through participating in campus events.

Again, your support is coveted and we truly appreciate your prayers!