Each semester at ACT UT we truly try to exemplify the mission of Active Christians Today. Here is an example of how each aspect of the mission (evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, developing a global Christian view and maintaining a community social life) is borne out in our monthly activities:

Our Student Leadership Team creates weekly special events that are focused on outreach with the goal of bringing in new students. Not every student will attend a worship service or Bible Study but they might be more inclined to join us for a Christian film, building a Gingerbread House or enjoying a “Sundae Fundae Friday.”

One of our big nights in February was our “Trivia Night.” We welcomed new students along with our veterans in a trivia challenge encompassing questions from the Bible, Pop Culture, Sports and more. By joining us in a fun environment, we have a chance through evangelism to plant the seeds to share the Gospel.

Our Football Sunday event was more focused on evangelism with an opening video featuring several members of the teams playing in the Super Bowl present their personal testimonies. The video concluded with a direct Gospel presentation. Then, it was time for the big game!

Evangelism is also the focus in our “First Friday Family Film Festival.” Each month we show a film with a more overt Gospel message. Over the last two months we have seen “Ben Hur” and “I’m Not Ashamed.” These movies have led to further discussions about faith and what it means to be completely surrendered to God.

Discipleship takes place in a variety of ACT UT activities. It can be found in one-on-one discussions, Bible Studies, worship, retreats and more. We are currently in a weekly study on Wednesday night focused on the Gospel of Mark. We are only two chapters in so far as we truly dissect each passage focused on the ministry of Jesus.

This past month has also included an experiential learning activity on Contemplative Prayer. Everyone was given a focus-verse and then spent time alone entirely devoted to prayer. It was a fascinating exercise and hearing the responses afterward led to some wonderful discussions.

One of the foundational aspects of Active Christians Today is leadership training. The goal is to build up future leaders in Christ beginning with their work on campus. We have an active Student Leadership Team responsible to build and develop activities in line with the mission of ACT. Our group also budgets, creates a “prayer plan” and assesses what we have done so far so we know where to go and what to do next! 

Our Thursday night events are entirely student-led. We have our Prayer Walk around campus followed by the Women’s Small Group. Our goal is that most events will be student-led and leadership training is a part of all we do.

How does a Believer be “in the world and not of it?” It is a tough question in a society where Christianity is not the bedrock foundation upon which most focus. Through the topics we cover in worship, Bible Study and other events our goal is to truly develop a global Christian view. It takes a lot of discernment to find God’s will and follow it. We hope that all we do is focused on what it means to truly be a child of God and live it out every day.

Building a community social life isn’t hard to do with all of the many events and activities going on around ACT UT. It is truly a family and we always have room for more!

We have heard from many alumni and supporters over the last few months who are excited to see so many students involved at ACT UT. We thank you for your support, your prayers and your financial gifts that make work in the mission field we call the University of Toledo possible!