Join us most Friday's for our "Friday Night Thing!" We bring together ACT BG and ACT UT at the "Weaver Family Ranch" (6260 Prov Neap Swan Rd Swanton OH 43558). 

We have s'mores, hot dogs, pudgie pies, popcorn, campfires, volleyball, games, hikes in the Maumee State Forest (which is really a meadow in this area), ping pong, croquet, lazy hammocking (our word), swimming (in a small pool), music and more!

All are welcome beginning at 6:30 PM and ending whenever. Those who don't wish to make a late night drive home are welcome to camp out or sleep in the barn (no reservations needed!). Bring your own bedding, mosquito repellent and anything else you think you might need. No charge for the hot dogs but if you want something more substantial, feel free to bring something to cook over the fire.

Make sure to check the calendar for specific "off days" during the summer.