Our ACT UT 2021 Winter Retreat was held February 19 through February 21 at Delta Church of Christ

Our theme was "Called: to a life of purpose!" We considered that hearing the call was important but how can we hear the call without recognizing the Voice of God?

We listened for the whisper of God by studying HIs Word and the different ways God speaks to us. We learned that God speaks through seven languages: Scripture, desires, dreams, doors, people, promptings and pain. We prayed, worshipped and sought God's guidance and discernment - and had a lot of fun, too!

We spent Saturday afternoon walking through 19 inches of snow at Oak Openings Metropark as we all took some quiet time to find a "whispering spot" where we could entirely focus on God and what He is trying to tell us.

The weekend closed out Sunday morning as we led worship at Delta Church of Christ. Our students led in music and provided testimonies of their time with ACT and how God had changed their lives through our ministry.

It was a great weekend!

Here is a portion of the Sunday morning worship service where our students shared testimonies about ACT and provided the meditation and reflection on our retreat for the morning:

God truly blessed in so many ways and we thank Delta Church of Christ for their hospitality during the weekend!