Our ACT Fall Retreat will be held at Delta Church of Christ in Delta, Ohio. We will be COVID-safe in all of our activities. We begin Friday at 6:30 through our own Sunday morning worship time together.

There is NO cost. Come for everything or just come for a part of the weekend... we would love to have you join us!

Our focus for the weekend is REST ~ RE:set RE:charge RE:new. Friday night it's worship and some Lose Yourself activities. 

Saturday we wake up to a student-prepared egg and sausage breakfast, worship and then we're off to Oak Openings for a morning hike. We return to Delta Church of Christ for lunch and then we are serving with the Children's Fall Festival at the church.

Saturday night we gather again for worship along with some activities to get our eyes focused on gaining God in our lives. Late night snacks and a movie will close out the evening.

Sunday morning we will lead in worship at Delta including testimonies, music and more.


        •    $0 Retreat Fee (covers all meals, unlimited coffee, unlimited praise)
        •    A positive attitude
        •    A heart that wants to meet with Jesus
        •    Bible
        •    Writing Utensil (pen, pencil, feather pen)
        •    Writing Paper, Notebook or Journal
        •    Pillow or Two
        •    Favorite Coffee Mug (or other beverage container to your liking!)
        •    Appropriate clothes (weather might be very variable!)
        •    Sleeping Bag or Bedroll
        •    Appropriate sleep wear
        •    Blanket
        •    Air Mattress
        •    Personal articles (toiletries bag, mirror, shampoo, soap, etc)
        •    Toothbrush, toothpaste
        •    Bath Towel
        •    Prescription Medications
        •    Cell Phone and Charger
        •    YouVersion App for Study Notes
        •    Hiking or walking shoes appropriate for a short hike at Oak Openings