Join us on November 6, 2021 for the 21st Annual Barn Jam! The Weaver Family opens their property to this annual celebration filled with fun! 

Barn Jam is our family friendly gathering which has been described as a "wedding reception without the wedding and the fancy clothes." It is a potluck so bring a dish to share! It includes so much more including a campfire, indoor snow storm, dancing, giant chess, ping pong, hayrides and so much more. 

You might want to also bring a blanket for the hayrides!

Come and join us for a great time of fun and fellowship! Again, it's a potluck - so bring a dish to share! 

The barn and the tent are heated - we are on whether it is rain, snow or moonlight!

Barn Jam is always a lot of fun and we would love to have you join us this year!  Don't miss out on the fun and we'll see you in November!