Our Fall Semester Coin Wars challenge mission giving benefits the people of Haiti. The disaster of Hurrican Matthew continues to reverberate to this day. 

Our Coin Wars challenge raised more than $200 during the Fall Semester. Through consultation with former ACT'er and Haiti missionary Dave Warner, we have elected to give the entirety of our funds to the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission and specifically to long term missionaries Jose and Jody Castillo. If you would like to give to this effort, CLICK HERE for details.

Once again Haiti is in the midst of a disaster. There are moments we witness when we must act. This is one of those moments. Category 4 storm Hurricane Matthew carved a path of destruction through Haiti killing more than 1,000 people with more than 60,000 people displaced. In all, more than 14 million people are in need of urgent assistance. In addition there are warnings the aftermath could worsen the nation’s cholera epidemic which killed at least 10,000 people after the 2010 earthquake. The Category 4 storm brought 107 mph (172 km/h) winds, torrential rainfall, and floods to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, wiping out entire villages. 

We cannot stand by as an entire country suffers from another devastating, deadly natural disaster. Our belief is that helping end a big problem begins with everyone helping in their own way. It is an awesome responsibility and that is our goal with "Coin Wars." It is the males versus the females as we raise funds to do our part in helping some of the poorest people on earth. We will continue collecting funds through December 9. All funds will go toward relief efforts.

So, what is "Coin Wars?" We had two jars in front of the fireplace. One jar was labeled "Guys" and the other "Girls." Every coin placed in a jar was considered "positive." So, 100 pennies is $1.00. However, if a dollar was placed in a jar, that was considered a negative - so $1 bill equals negative $1.00. In other words, a jar with 100 pennies and a dollar bill in it equals exactly ZERO! 

Our men won the challenge by a rather substantial amount. In our Help Haiti challenge, the losers are creating a scavenger hunt for the winners. The scavenger hunt will be held on one of our Friday night events during Spring Semester.