It was a night of fun and laughter! On January 20, 2017 we held our "Gingerbread Building Contest" at the ACT UT Estate.

Teams and individuals challenged to make the best gingerbread creation! We used graham crackers instead of gingerbread for the structure. We had many contributions for the decorations. The structures were created on a plywood base that was wrapped in parchment paper.

All building materials were provided in the kitchen. Most of the first half hour (and for some a little more) was spent building the structures using royal icing and the crackers. Everyone then turned to using the elements provided to decorate their structures.

The results ranged from the University of Toledo's University Hall to campsites, houses, a food booth and a special treat dedicated to the Cleveland Browns... There was a LOT of laughter throughout the evening!

Enjoy a video report of our Gingerbread Building Contest!