We can not thank you enough for your support! Living in the trenches of ministry to millennials is not for the faint of heart and knowing that there are amazing people like you out there who pray for us and support what we do is the only thing that gets us through some days.

Every new school year has it’s own particular challenges. New classes, new professors and new routines keep things fresh and vibrant for everyone both inside and outside ACT. As we have settled in, we already recognize that there are areas with which we can endeavor to reach more students and change the world for Christ.

September kicked off our “First Friday Family Film Festival” with the showing of the movie “Hoovey.” Each month we are attempting to find Christian films that might be not be known to the general Christian community to open up to a new audience. There are a growing number of Christian production film companies attempting to fill a much-needed niche in the movie industry. In October we plan to show the movie “Gallows Road” which again is another of these less-known but wonderful films.

Our Wednesday nights have been filled with fun, fellowship and laughter. It has truly become a “family evening” and we are excited that so many make their home with us on Friday nights. Our meals have been prepared both by leaders and students and have been very well-received. We are finishing up a wonderful Small Group Bible Study based on the Guardrails series by Andy Stanley. In October, we are looking at student requests and different options as we consider the best way to continue to build and grow disciples for the kingdom of God!