Fall Semester has begun! 

We began our year with a special movie night at Glass Bowl Stadium. ACT UT joined with students and families to watch the film “Toy Story” under a cloudless sky on a wonderful evening.

Members of our Student Leadership Team organized our outreach to the University of Toledo “Rocket Launch” program that is a requirement for all new students. Over 60 students expressed interest in Active Christians Today. Following the event, ACT students personally contacted each and every new student and invited them to our upcoming events. That outreach has made a huge difference in our outreach efforts already!

Thanks to the work of our students at Rocket Launch, our Welcome Picnic was a big success. It started with a bit of a surprise as an unexpected rainstorm forced us to move the picnic to the ACT UT House. God has a way of turning rainstorms to sunshine and He did it with this change as well! The house was filled with new students and the environment was perfect for our students to share the vision and mission of ACT. The Welcome Picnic generally has taken place on campus but our Student Leadership Team may move our Welcome Picnic to the ACT House permanently as we saw so many benefits and blessings rain down on us (literally, figuratively and spiritually!).

Our first worship service of the new year resulted in a room overflowing with students. We are quickly finishing up our plans to convert our entire basement to our worship center. Please pray for this effort and that we can get it completed quickly. We have simply too many people on the main floor and we really love the more intimate worship style that has developed at the ACT House.

Our Student Outreach Team has developed many exciting and fun events for the fall season. We have our Sundae Fundae Friday, the return of our First Friday Family Film Festival, Fancy Fondue Friday Game Night, Night in the Country and more! The Student Outreach Team designed these events to build bridges and develop relationships with students outside of ACT. These are great evangelistic opportunities and we can’t wait to see what God will do!

None of these events could happen without the support of so many who are the alumni and former students involved in ACT. We would love to see you again - if you are in the area, please feel free to stop in! We have been blessed with so many alumni who have made a point to reach out to us and it is truly appreciated.