Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) wanted to find a way to challenge our students to daily reading and prayer. Through the youversion app, a devotional reading series was selected and many students have joined in. As the semester has progressed we have seen more students participate which is truly exciting. Beginning in January we will take this to a new level with the reading plan titled the “Essential 100.” The reading plan can be found at youversion.com or on the youversion app!

Wednesday nights have been fun as we begin each evening with a free family dinner. Students have helped in the cooking of the meals and we always have a great time of fellowship. Following dinner we dive into the Word of God and the focus for this semester has been the study of Colossians. God has blessed us with lively and fascinating discussions!

Our Sunday night worship moved into the Christmas season as of November 13. Yes, this is early. However, we realized there was no way to celebrate all of the Sundays in Advent without beginning in mid-November! Our theme has been “The Gifts of Christmas” studying Hope, Joy, Love and Peace. We light a candle for each Sunday in Advent. The series will conclude at our final Fall Semester worship service on December 11. We will celebrate our own “Christmas Eve” service and light the Christ candle to close our worship and sing Silent Night.

Our special events this month have included the Active Christians Today Annual Celebration at Garden Park Church. We had a wonderful time hearing testimonies from our new campus pastors and leaders and sharing in what ACT is doing on our campuses at BG and UT.

ACT UT students also took part in an associational variety show in November and had a lot of fun sharing with Believers from all parts of the Toledo area.

The ACT BG and UT campus groups gathered for a special “Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner” the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Almost 40 students participated. The event began with appetizers and salads in Bowling Green, moved to Perrysburg at Don & Michelle Williams’ (BG campus leaders) home for the main course and concludes with traditional desserts at the UT Campus House. It was a fun night for all!

Our Student Leadership Team challenged our students to raise funds to help Haiti following the disaster of Hurricane Andrew. This is a coin war challenge between the men and ladies. The loser will be required to design a scavenger hunt for the winners as one of our Spring Semester special events.

Whether we realize it or not, our campus is a mission field. We thank you for the opportunity to be missionaries to our campus community. We are blessed beyond measure!