Our monthly ACT UT News Nuggets are a report of our recent activities, news from the ACT UT Campus Ministry and upcoming events. 

These monthly reports are emailed to our ACT Alumni and supporters through ACT Inc (combining reports from both campuses). This allows us to keep in contact with those who support ACT UT and provide communication with are far-flung alumni across the world!

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April 2017 - News Nuggets

The conclusion of the semester is approaching quickly! As we close out this school year, we are focusing on apologetics with a special series tied to the new movie (and classic book) “The Case for Christ.” It is a perfect way to send our students out into their own “mission fields” this spring and summer.

There have been many changes to the ACT UT Campus house over the last few months. We now worship in the basement that is still under major remodeling. We have incorporated a permanent worship area, an ACT Hand Print wall, food service area, chalk board wall and more. We want the campus house to be as welcoming as possible.

Our Student Leadership Team continues to create various events for our students. This month included our monthly Family Film Festival and a special “Artsy Fartsy Funny Friday” where our students did crafts and updated some of the painting work in the basement.

We had the joyful opportunity to join the ACT BG group for a Saint Patrick’s Day night “Green Pancake Giveaway.” With thousands of students passing by the ACT BG campus house most Fridays and Saturdays, this was a great time of serving students while having fun!

We welcomed the ACT BG students again for an afternoon of fun that began at the Toledo Museum of Art. We shared dinner together back at the ACT UT campus house and closed out the night with worship together.

Our Wednesday night Bible Study continues our travels though the Gospel of Mark. As we close out our study, we will specifically look at the Passion narrative as presented in Mark.

Worship on Sundays have shared the theme “Overcomer.” We began with the “Ultimate Overcomer” in Jesus and continued with subjects including overcoming the valleys, overcoming temptation and overcoming doubt.

The month of April will include a special Scavenger Hunt put on by the ACT women for our ACT men as a result of the Haiti Coin War fundraising challenge. Our men won the challenge and therefore, the women are creating the hunt!

ACT UT will remember Good Friday with a showing of the movie “Passion of the Christ” followed by an overnighter and Silent Saturday Breakfast.

A huge thank you to all of those who support ACT UT through your gifts, your prayers, volunteering and support. Your thoughtful notes are always welcome and appreciated. The students we reach today are going to change the world tomorrow!

March 2017 - News Nuggets

Each semester at ACT UT we truly try to exemplify the mission of Active Christians Today. Here is an example of how each aspect of the mission (evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, developing a global Christian view and maintaining a community social life) is borne out in our monthly activities:

Our Student Leadership Team creates weekly special events that are focused on outreach with the goal of bringing in new students. Not every student will attend a worship service or Bible Study but they might be more inclined to join us for a Christian film, building a Gingerbread House or enjoying a “Sundae Fundae Friday.”

One of our big nights in February was our “Trivia Night.” We welcomed new students along with our veterans in a trivia challenge encompassing questions from the Bible, Pop Culture, Sports and more. By joining us in a fun environment, we have a chance through evangelism to plant the seeds to share the Gospel.

Our Football Sunday event was more focused on evangelism with an opening video featuring several members of the teams playing in the Super Bowl present their personal testimonies. The video concluded with a direct Gospel presentation. Then, it was time for the big game!

Evangelism is also the focus in our “First Friday Family Film Festival.” Each month we show a film with a more overt Gospel message. Over the last two months we have seen “Ben Hur” and “I’m Not Ashamed.” These movies have led to further discussions about faith and what it means to be completely surrendered to God.

Discipleship takes place in a variety of ACT UT activities. It can be found in one-on-one discussions, Bible Studies, worship, retreats and more. We are currently in a weekly study on Wednesday night focused on the Gospel of Mark. We are only two chapters in so far as we truly dissect each passage focused on the ministry of Jesus.

This past month has also included an experiential learning activity on Contemplative Prayer. Everyone was given a focus-verse and then spent time alone entirely devoted to prayer. It was a fascinating exercise and hearing the responses afterward led to some wonderful discussions.

One of the foundational aspects of Active Christians Today is leadership training. The goal is to build up future leaders in Christ beginning with their work on campus. We have an active Student Leadership Team responsible to build and develop activities in line with the mission of ACT. Our group also budgets, creates a “prayer plan” and assesses what we have done so far so we know where to go and what to do next! 

Our Thursday night events are entirely student-led. We have our Prayer Walk around campus followed by the Women’s Small Group. Our goal is that most events will be student-led and leadership training is a part of all we do.

How does a Believer be “in the world and not of it?” It is a tough question in a society where Christianity is not the bedrock foundation upon which most focus. Through the topics we cover in worship, Bible Study and other events our goal is to truly develop a global Christian view. It takes a lot of discernment to find God’s will and follow it. We hope that all we do is focused on what it means to truly be a child of God and live it out every day.

Building a community social life isn’t hard to do with all of the many events and activities going on around ACT UT. It is truly a family and we always have room for more!

We have heard from many alumni and supporters over the last few months who are excited to see so many students involved at ACT UT. We thank you for your support, your prayers and your financial gifts that make work in the mission field we call the University of Toledo possible!

February 2017 - News Nuggets

It’s gray and dark as it always is during this time of year in Northwest Ohio but that is definitely not the case at ACT UT!

This past month we have focused on two specific passages of Scripture to guide our January theme: “Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7 (NIV) and “Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18 (NIV). Our focus is on the fact that no matter the sin, God has the power to wipe the slate clean and make us all “white as snow.”

Our January First Friday Film Festival movie of the month was “Ben Hur” which we all agreed was much better than the media and critics made it out to be. Great discussion starter in case you might be interested in seeing it yourself.

Our new Student Leadership Team (SLT) has met for our first Spring Semester meeting. Plans are underway for many different outreach events with a goal of bringing more people to Christ through the ministry of ACT. Our Prayer Team is also developing several projects to incorporate more prayer into the lives of students.

Many students are reading through the Essential 100 Bible passages using the youversion app. Those who complete the full 100 passages (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament) are invited to a special congratulatory dinner at the end of April.

Our Wednesday night Bible Study is working through the Gospel of Mark. This particular book that was actually shunned by many in the Early Church is a bare bones but powerful book. Our Wednesday night discussions about the book of Mark have been vibrant and fun! As always, we begin with a free dinner at 5:30.

Our special events have included a Gingerbread House Building Contest (using Graham Crackers) and a Game Night and Indoor Snowball Fight. We are always trying to find ways to bring in new students!

At the end of January we welcomed ACT BG up to the ACT UT Campus House for a combined worship service. We have many more combined events planned this Spring!

Our ladies have begun a new Small Group study on Thursday nights using the book “Women of the Word” as their guide. We are excited to bring in more new leaders as we reach out to new students!

Our weekly Prayer Walk has returned on Thursdays. Students walk around the campus stopping at different places to pray over the students, leadership, administration, professors and teachers.

In February we are excited to welcome our BG brothers and sisters up for “Football Sunday.” We will begin with a half hour worship service featuring testimonies from many players actually playing in the Super Bowl. Following that, we will sit back, relax and watch the Game!

God has opened up the doors to many opportunities. We thank you for your continued support as we discern where God is leading next!

January 2017 - News Nuggets

We have a new Student Leadership Team (SLT) in place! Nominations and final voting took place in December and our new team is ready to serve. Erin Dougherty was re-elected our President. Emily Jackson and Jacob Wenhold will serve as our Vice Presidents. Our Outreach and Missions Team Officers are Olivia Calder and Katie Matousek. Our Prayer Team Officers are Ashlee (Q) Quantic and Xavier Whiting. 

Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) continues to look for ways to challenge our students in daily reading and prayer. Through the youversion app, a devotional reading series was selected and many students have joined in. Beginning January 1 we take this to a new level with the reading plan titled the “Essential 100.” The reading plan can be found at youversion.com or on the youversion app! The Essential 100 Challenge provides an overview of the Bible. The plan focuses on 50 Old Testament passages and 50 New Testament passages — The Essential 100 — so one can see the big picture of God's Word, and form a daily Bible reading habit in the process. Essential 100 is an achievable way to have a "through the Bible" experience.

Wednesday nights have been fun as we begin each evening with a free family dinner. Students have helped in the cooking of the meals and we always have a great time of fellowship. Watch for announcements of our upcoming study as we dive into the Word of God every Wednesday!

Our Christmas celebration spread over a few weeks. This included a special Wednesday night Christmas Challenge. Each student was asked a series of multiple choice questions about the Christmas story as presented in Scripture. It was a fascinating exercise to realize much of what we “think” we know about the birth of Jesus is not necessarily based on the Bible! This will be an annual challenge!

Our special events during December included our First Friday Family Film Festival specifically focused on Christmas movies and television specials. It was a packed house (literally) for all of the fun.

Our annual Ugly Sweater Crazy Socks White Elephant Christmas Party was a great success with lots of crazy, Christmas fun. Christmas Pictionary added to a lot of the hilarity!

Our “Coin War: Help Haiti” ladies versus the men competition raised just over $200 to help in the recovery from Hurricane Matthew. The Coin War challenge was won by the guys so our ladies will be creating a special scavenger hunt for one of our spring special events.

What’s happening in January? We have our First Friday Family Film Festival on January 13, Gingerbread House-Making Competition January 20 and Game Night on January 27. Also planned is a trip to a Toledo Walleye Game and more. 

Our ladies will begin a new Small Group study on Thursday nights. We are excited to bring in more new leaders as we reach out to new students!

Pray for the university community as everyone moves into the new Spring semester. Challenges await and we are excited to see where God will lead in our campus mission opportunities!

December 2016 - News Nuggets

Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) wanted to find a way to challenge our students to daily reading and prayer. Through the youversion app, a devotional reading series was selected and many students have joined in. As the semester has progressed we have seen more students participate which is truly exciting. Beginning in January we will take this to a new level with the reading plan titled the “Essential 100.” The reading plan can be found at youversion.com or on the youversion app!

Wednesday nights have been fun as we begin each evening with a free family dinner. Students have helped in the cooking of the meals and we always have a great time of fellowship. Following dinner we dive into the Word of God and the focus for this semester has been the study of Colossians. God has blessed us with lively and fascinating discussions!

Our Sunday night worship moved into the Christmas season as of November 13. Yes, this is early. However, we realized there was no way to celebrate all of the Sundays in Advent without beginning in mid-November! Our theme has been “The Gifts of Christmas” studying Hope, Joy, Love and Peace. We light a candle for each Sunday in Advent. The series will conclude at our final Fall Semester worship service on December 11. We will celebrate our own “Christmas Eve” service and light the Christ candle to close our worship and sing Silent Night.

Our special events this month have included the Active Christians Today Annual Celebration at Garden Park Church. We had a wonderful time hearing testimonies from our new campus pastors and leaders and sharing in what ACT is doing on our campuses at BG and UT.

ACT UT students also took part in an associational variety show in November and had a lot of fun sharing with Believers from all parts of the Toledo area.

The ACT BG and UT campus groups gathered for a special “Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner” the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Almost 40 students participated. The event began with appetizers and salads in Bowling Green, moved to Perrysburg at Don & Michelle Williams’ (BG campus leaders) home for the main course and concludes with traditional desserts at the UT Campus House. It was a fun night for all!

Our Student Leadership Team challenged our students to raise funds to help Haiti following the disaster of Hurricane Andrew. This is a coin war challenge between the men and ladies. The loser will be required to design a scavenger hunt for the winners as one of our Spring Semester special events.

Whether we realize it or not, our campus is a mission field. We thank you for the opportunity to be missionaries to our campus community. We are blessed beyond measure!

November 2016 - News Nuggets

We all struggle with time management and students lives are no different. The university setting is an awesome time to develop habits that will extend for a lifetime in the midst of busy schedules. With that in mind, our Student Leadership Team has led by incorporating a devotional for daily use among our students. The devotional is app-based and allows for accountability as students share their progress within the app. 

Again this semester we have continued with our “Prayer Walk” each Thursday night. What is the "Prayer Walk?" Our students walk the campus stopping at various points to spend time praying lifting up the students, teachers, professors and administrators of our university. It is a time to truly focus on our mission but also the greater needs of our university.

Our students have continued a study of Biblical truths in our Thursday night small group using Pete Wilson’s book "What Keeps You Up at Night?" This group is entirely student-led and we are excited to see what God is doing!

Our monthly First Friday Family Film Festival continued with the movie “Miracles from Heaven.” Other special events included a night out at one of our supporting family’s homes for fellowship and fun, our Fall Fun Night with a trip to a Corn Maze and then a campfire with other harvest fun. 

Our Wednesday night Bible Study continues a verse by verse dissection on the book of Colossians. Each week we do a comparison study against the Greek text and then move to practical application. The discussions have been enlightening and deep!

Sunday night worship theme continues with “Unleashed.” Devotional messages have included a look at how we can be on fire for God and to release His spirit and truth in every area of our lives.

We concluded the month of October with a visit to Hicksville Church of Christ. The overnighter included a great evening of fun at one of our student’s homes for a bonfire and dinner cooked by the family’s Sunday School class.

The mission field of the university touches so many lives beyond those on campus. Your support makes this possible. Thank you for your prayers as God continues to move in the lives of our students!

October 2016 - News Nuggets

September kicked off with a focus on prayer as we participated in Toledo Campus Prays with over 70 students and leaders from over a dozen campus Christian organizations. It was wonderful to join together with so many from other groups as we joined our hearts for one purpose: prayer. The event was so successful that there are plans to make this an annual event.

Our students have already begun our first small group of the year studying Pete Wilson’s book "What Keeps You Up at Night?" The focus is to help students activate faith and trust in God that will propel them forward through fear and anxiety to peace, faithfulness, and trust.

Our monthly First Friday Family Film Festival kicked off with the movie “Risen.” Other special events included “Messy Twister” (check out the video at our website for all the fun), Fancy Funky Fondue Friday and joining with ACT BG for God Dogs and Jesus Burgers. 

Our Wednesday night Bible Study is studying the book of Colossians. It is amazing how much God packed into such a small book! We begin each evening by examining the Scripture in depth with a comparison to the original Greek text. We then move to a small group time where we make practical application of the night’s passage. We return to a large group time to discuss some of the answers and approaches for practical application. We are excited with the response to this new format and can’t wait to see what God will do next!

Sunday night worship theme is “Unleashed.” We compare how God has “unleashed” characters in the Bible to our own lives. We have looked at Moses and the Burning Bush, Nehemiah and David’s response to fear. Part of the goal with our Sunday night’s is seeing how relevant the Old Testament is to the world today.

Our 2016 ACT Fall Retreat brought together students from BG and UT. Our theme was “Fruitful” and began on Friday night with a focus on being “rooted and grounded” which is essential to developing fruit. Saturday turned to what it means to be “fruitful.” We spent some quiet time at Oak Openings Metropark along with tent camping out in the country! Heavy rain drenched us but never dampened our spirits!

Thank you so much for your continued support of ACT. The university world is a prime mission field. These students will be our future teachers and leaders. Our goal is that our students have a solid foundation built on God before leaving campus. Your support is truly appreciated!

September 2016 - News Nuggets

Fall Semester has begun! 

We began our year with a special movie night at Glass Bowl Stadium. ACT UT joined with students and families to watch the film “Toy Story” under a cloudless sky on a wonderful evening.

Members of our Student Leadership Team organized our outreach to the University of Toledo “Rocket Launch” program that is a requirement for all new students. Over 60 students expressed interest in Active Christians Today. Following the event, ACT students personally contacted each and every new student and invited them to our upcoming events. That outreach has made a huge difference in our outreach efforts already!

Thanks to the work of our students at Rocket Launch, our Welcome Picnic was a big success. It started with a bit of a surprise as an unexpected rainstorm forced us to move the picnic to the ACT UT House. God has a way of turning rainstorms to sunshine and He did it with this change as well! The house was filled with new students and the environment was perfect for our students to share the vision and mission of ACT. The Welcome Picnic generally has taken place on campus but our Student Leadership Team may move our Welcome Picnic to the ACT House permanently as we saw so many benefits and blessings rain down on us (literally, figuratively and spiritually!).

Our first worship service of the new year resulted in a room overflowing with students. We are quickly finishing up our plans to convert our entire basement to our worship center. Please pray for this effort and that we can get it completed quickly. We have simply too many people on the main floor and we really love the more intimate worship style that has developed at the ACT House.

Our Student Outreach Team has developed many exciting and fun events for the fall season. We have our Sundae Fundae Friday, the return of our First Friday Family Film Festival, Fancy Fondue Friday Game Night, Night in the Country and more! The Student Outreach Team designed these events to build bridges and develop relationships with students outside of ACT. These are great evangelistic opportunities and we can’t wait to see what God will do!

None of these events could happen without the support of so many who are the alumni and former students involved in ACT. We would love to see you again - if you are in the area, please feel free to stop in! We have been blessed with so many alumni who have made a point to reach out to us and it is truly appreciated.