Praises at ACT UT

Thank you for summer! Thank you for the opportunity to breath in God’s goodness, recharge, refresh and refocus for the next school year.

We praise God for our ACT UT Student Leadership Team that is hard at work preparing for Fall Semester. Yes, even this early we are making plans and developing creative opportunities to touch the campus community with the love of God.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

We pray for our students as they have left the “confines” of the campus community and are now out “in the world” wherever that may be.

Pray for several of our students who are “on mission” this summer in different locations both stateside and around the world. Pray that they reach and touch lives with the love of Christ.

Pray for work to be done on the ACT UT campus house. Each summer is a great time to make upgrades and improve our ministry facility.

Pray for our new students who have yet to walk onto campus. We know that God knows who they are. Open up their hearts and prepare them for what will be a truly awesome year.

We pray for our supporters who make all the difference in the ministry of Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo. We pray that the sacrifice they make through prayer and their financial gifts results in the blessings of God raining down on us! Thank you!