Praises at ACT UT

We have a number of praises to offer as the calendar moves us in to summer.

We are excited to announce that we have two students living in the ACT UT Campus House this summer. This is a big help as our students do so much to keep the lawn mowed, the property looking nice and the house occupied.

We praise God for the huge number of students our ACT’ers reached through our semi-annual doughnut giveaway. At the end of each term we give away several dozen doughnuts at the Carlson Library during exam week. The reactions are priceless and open up doors to conversations among the students. We love that opportunity!

Praise God for our worship team. They have chosen to continue rehearsing on Wednesday nights through the summer. We have also planned several Summer Worship Nights at the campus house. God is doing a great thing!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for our students who are now home with their families. After a year of school, things can be quite different when students arrive home. Pray that they are able to negotiate the new reality with a spirit of love and compassion.

Pray for our Friday night gatherings that they would be a time of fellowship and connection through the summer.

Pray for those students heading to the mission field in our annual mission trip to “Brothers’ Keeper” in West Virginia at the end of the month. Pray that they are able to make a difference in many lives through the love of Christ!

The ministry of Active Christians Today doesn’t stop during the summer. We continue to look for opportunities to share the love of Christ and that can’t happen without the support of so many! Thank you for all you do in both prayer and financial support to keep the ministry of ACT UT active and alive!