Praises at ACT UT

Many students have picked up the daily habit of reading the Bible. It is wonderful that we have tools to make this easier. It is wonderful that we can literally carry the Bible in our pockets via apps on our phones. The ACT UT Student Leadership Team invited students to join in daily reading and building accountability through sharing of progress. This has continued and expanded. On January 1, we will begin a special series of readings titled the “Essential 100” as a part of devotional plan.

Our semester-long study of Colossians will come to a conclusion in December. It has been fascinating to watch as so many have spent time studying God’s Word in an in-depth fashion!

Our Thursday night small group study continues to reach students who otherwise would not be able to attend our worship or Bible studies due to job and school conflicts. In January, this group will become our women’s study. This is entirely student-led!

Pray for our “Donut Giveaway” that will take place during the opening days of the University of Toledo exam week. This is a gift ACT gives our campus community and has led to some wonderful conversation and outreach. We ask for wisdom and guidance as we follow the Lord in service!

The campus house was ready for Christmas early as we began our Advent worship series titled “The Gifts of Christmas” all the way back on November 13 in order to complete it by the time the Fall semester ends.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

We have been blessed with many new students who have joined us and returned. We pray for the opportunities we have had to continue to grow and flourish.

Pray for those who have struggled to make daily Bible reading and prayer a part of their lives. It is easy to let those slip to the wayside with the constant pressures of jobs and school.

Our Student Leadership Team through our Missions leaders have made a special effort to focus on the destruction of Haiti as a result of Hurricane Matthew. We have been raising funds the last few months to help in the rebuilding efforts. Pray with us for Haiti and the work being done by so many missionaries to lead in reaching the island nation. 

We have felt the prayers of our ACT alumni and community. Thank you! Your prayers mean so much and we thank you again for your continued financial support.