Praises at ACT UT

Though some of us do love snow, we appreciate the fact that we haven’t had to cancel or postpone events due to weather so far this semester! 

Praise God for the students who have taken up the challenge to read the Essential 100 Bible passages before the conclusion of the Spring Semester.

We praise God for our Student Leadership Team who continue to demonstrate leadership in all of our ministry efforts. 

We praise God for new faces among our students who have joined us for many of our January activities.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray our new outreach efforts to reach more students with the gospel. We have a great foundation here at ACT UT and we pray that God works through us to build on that foundation!

Continue to pray for those who are taking on the Essential 100 challenge! Reading the Bible daily is so important and is a great habit to develop - especially as a student.

Pray that the seeds that have been planted in so many of our new students begin to truly take root.

There is never a day that goes by that we do think of the many ACT alumni and supporters who make this ministry possible. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. You are changing the world in this mission field we call the University of Toledo!